NEWS ARCHIVE (2016-2018)

11/13/2018: Meet the 2019 class of Convergence Scholars.

11/7/2018: Sangeeta Bhatia joins the Wyss Institute.

8/6/2018: Publication by Darrell Irvine and colleagues is a cover feature in the August 2018 issue of Nature Biotechnology.

6/15/2018: MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research will present its 17th annual Summer Symposium: Breakthrough Cancer Nanotechnologies.

4/28/2018: Sangeeta Bhatia presents at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences. Watch her talk here.

2/7/2018: Congratulations to Angela Belcher for being elected to the National Academy of Engineering!

1/9/2018: Congratulations to Kaitlyn Sadtler, member of the Anderson Lab at KI and the inaugural team of Convergence Scholars, for being named a TEDFellow!

1/5/2018: Darrell Irvine, Sangeeta Bhatia, and Tyler Jacks' research teams are collaborating with the Johnson & Johnson Lung Cancer Initiative to create multidisciplinary approaches to prevent, intercept, and cure lung cancer; see more here.

11/9/2017: Dr. Paula Hammond and her work in crafting nanoscale biomaterials to attack cancer.

10/9/2017: The Marble Center announces the first class of Convergence Scholars for 2017-2018.

10/9/2017: Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia's commentary for National Nanotechnology Day featured by the National Academy of Sciences.

9/27/2017: Dr. Bob Langer receives the 2017 Kabiller Prize in Nanoscience and Nanomedicine from Northwestern.

9/26/2017: Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia winner of the "Innovation at the Intersection" Xconomy award.

9/25/2017: The Marble Center launches the Convergence Scholars Program.

7/30/2017: The Marble Center featured in a European Union event on nanomedicine.

7/7/2017: Marking its first anniversary, the Koch Institute’s Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine goes full steam ahead.

6/16/2017: Members of the KI Marble Center team speak at this year's KI annual symposium on "Convergence of Science and Engineering in Cancer."

5/15/2017: Nano-Scale 'Dream Team': 3 MIT Professors Use Tiniest Of Tools Against Cancer.

5/3/2017: Marble Center Director, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

4/10/2017: “Synthetic biomarkers” could be used to diagnose ovarian cancer months earlier than now possible.

3/23/2017: Congratulations to Liangliang Hao (Bhatia lab) and Erik Dreaden (Hammond lab) on their winning images featured in the 2017 KI Public Image Gallery.

3/20/2017: Tethered nanoparticles make tumor cells more vulnerable.

3/3/2017: New method developed in collaboration with the Belcher lab could enable pinpoint diagnostics on individual blood cells.

2/8/2017: Dr. Paula Hammond elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

2/7/2017: Nanoparticle screen could speed up drug development: new test helps identify particles for gene delivery or RNA interference.

2/3/2017: Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia advocating for gender equity in STEM fields: The Guardian.

1/29/2017: This polymer pill could soon drip feed drugs into your body for weeks: WIRED interviews Dr. Bob Langer.

1/25/2017: Dr. Daniel Anderson speaks at the MIT Faculty Forum.

11/9/2016: Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia speaking at Exponential Medicine 2016: The Power of Miniaturization in Medicine.

10/31/2016: Publication of the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan.

10/24/2016: Fighting cancer with the power of immunity

10/16/2016: Dr. Paula Hammond elected to the National Academy of Medicine

10/14/2016: Detecting Cancer Early With Nanosensors and a Urine Test

9/8/2016: Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia speaking at HUBweek 2016: Future Medicine: From Genomics to Nanotechnology

9/7/2016: The Blue Ribbon Panel issued a report describing recommendations for achieving the Cancer Moonshot's goal.

8/26/2016: Using light to control genome editing